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November 4, 2007

No need to see through,

There is no wall,

There is no ladder

No need to climb.

There is only a

Reflection in translucence.

An internal measure

To go back to our roots,

To become one,

Within an without.

Then to go forth,

Pass on for the

Betterment of all.

This was written on a break at a day long seminar celebrating the works of Joseph Campbell back around 2000.


November 4, 2007

I close my eyes

In the dark there is no boundary

Between you and I

There is no concept

Of time and space.

Only eternity

Inside and outside of me.

The tranquility of



Rise and fall

Of my breath.

The vibration of my heart beat

Resonates from the center of my chest.

A freeing,

To come into being

A full body

Cosmic Connection

With the universe.

A passionate appreciation

For life burns.

When I open my eyes

Reflection of self.

I was partaking in a meditation back in 2000 and when I came out of it and the inspiration to this flowed through my hand to paper.

November 4, 2007

Love is forgiving,

Not the taking.

For in receiving anything

One must give.

The choice is made,

All in favour of giving,

Say “I”.

I will forgive,

I will respect,

I will trust,

I will love.

I will get what I want,

Life does not come to me.

Life is there to be had

And the only way to be had

Is to give

To life

What life

Has given to me.


This passage can be found in the Third Wave of Markings of the Soul.