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August 26, 2012

Where I grew up, I had the good fortune to have a creek nearby.  This valley had been a sanctuary to me for so many reasons, from timeless walks with the dog, to hours and hours of dry land conditioning for hockey, to countless journeys taken running in prep for cross country to just being nurtured by Mother Nature in contemplation.  After one of those walks, again, the inspiration was channeled from nature to paper.  This passage was written in Feb 1998.



I may be a small tree

In a forest of giants,

but I am a tree nonetheless.

I may be a small tree

but this small tree

is life personified.

I may be a small tree

but this tree is shelter

to millions of tiny organisms.



August 22, 2012

When I first wrote this poem, ‘Devotion’, I was watching a family, through a window, walking by and something transpired that touched me to put this down on paper.

What’s prompted this post is two fold…I came across it going through some old stuff and today’s a buddy’s birthday (Rami S.) that I’ve known since first year U at Erindale…from breaking into the Council Chambers to study in the lush, leather chairs; to playing soccer out on the field at 3am during an all-nighter prior to my Psyche101 exam…our lives have had some common threads. Included in this in recent years was his prompting me to read Victor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ as well as some entertaining discussions on ‘A Course in Miracles’ which we had both read pretty much at the same time. I dedicate this poem to him simply because he personifies the concept of the Power of One, through his work for over two decades with Hospices, to the many clients he’s helped as a homeopathic doctor and registered holistic nutritionist, and now as a father of a beautiful baby girl. I tip my hat off to him and all the other countless heroes who’s lives and efforts seem to go unnoticed in a world consumed by sensationalist crap in the media.


I am







Service for


Sister and brother

Father and mother,

No distinction



The dream

The proper act

Of love



Nothing to gain

Achieve through pain

A reality

Viewed through a

Crystal clear pane.