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I Know Shit
September 13, 2012

This poem was inspired by my first season working as a landscaper doing lawn maintenance.

It’s part of the 2nd Wave of Markings of the Soul which I’ve been inspired to release a second edition that includes new material  in eBook form with a target date prior to the Christmas Holidays 2012.    Stay tuned for developments on that front.

I Know Shit

Now for the nitty gritty,

Literally, it’ pretty shitty.

Ah yes, nothing like dog shit.

In the beginning

It always burned my ass

As I would cut the grass.

I spent so much time

Trying to understand,

Then finally,

It sunk in.


September 9, 2012

Not enough volume

2 fill.







Comes and goes.

Give and take,

Struggle and effort,


Owes no one


Diverse, similar, all one,

Cyclical, straight,

Simple, complex,

Pain, torn between.

A gift

2 B respected.

It is space,

It is time,

Everything in between

And surrounding.

– A passage written in 1998 from the 3rd Wave in Markings of the Soul