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My Guide to Meditation – Now Available on iTunes – Clear Your Mind by Merlin X – Simple, Practical, Immediate
January 24, 2013

CYM_Poster (click to go to iTunes)

Empower your lifestyle in a simple, practical, immediate fashion with the methods in Clear Your Mind!

Back in October 2012, I made the decision to finally take 15 years worth of notes and create and publish this book.  What I thought would be a 2 month project turned into 4 and then the approval process to get on iTunes tacked on about month.

I look forward to your comments and like Clear Your Mind on Facebook and join a discussion of Clearer Minds :)


– Over 20 multi-media tools with 15 videos

– Easy to learn

– Feel immediate benefits

– Insight for practical, everyday use

– Designed for iPad viewing pleasuring