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introverted love
September 14, 2014

i love you woman
so deeply
it gets dark and cold
touching upon
my fears
of which there are a few
as i work through.

rays of warmth,
like the sun
dancing on our skin
in the summer time,
the glow of your affection
soothes my soul
from time to time

i have never shared myself
with anyone
like this
exhilarating and
like a child
seeking to understand
the world.
it’s a game of
hide and seek,
show and tell.

in this introverted
gentle and kind
to unwind
this vulnerability
hand in hand.

so easily the door can shut
on the whim of a
in this glass house
and stand tall.
there is a mirror
not in front
of me
or between

you and i.
it is

September 11, 2014

I know I’m in your heart
You could wear a suit of armour

I can

Still see through it
From the inside

I am the one
And only thing
That brings you fear
And love
At the same time

I saw it In your
Eyes last night
As you put your head
Nervous laughter
Avoiding my gaze
The old with the new
And soft
But still so strongly defiant