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November 25, 2014

I’m starting my 6th entrepreneurial adventure (this includes my ahead-of-my-time dog walking biz 30 years ago).  Some highlights include a fitness studio / organic juice bar, 2 landscaping companies (most recent new one – Rising Sun Landscaping) and now The Healing Heart Common whose genesis is on the cusp of 2015 (of which I will stop using all these brackets and provide a link to a website in the next month but you can check out my linkedin profile for current news).

So this poem came to mind because of influences…

Some of us have a dream

Some of us don’t

Some of us are just guided
Not in the best fashion
By what we think
Is intuition
But eventually
It can
Lead tu-it
I’ve said
I don’t know



November 22, 2014

thanks tom

for making me realize
almost like
a universal comedy
the day’s
sufficient bread
and intent,
i won’t back down
_ _ _ _


Amazing Grace – Merlin X Tribute
November 18, 2014

There is not a song I know that brings me to the floor, to join the tears that flow from my eyes, every time I hear this, regardless of the version or singer and I’m grateful for John Newton for his gift to us through the ages, as an anthem for personal liberty from all that we enslave ourselves with and the one and only way out.
_ _ _ _ _

This is my tribute to all that have been blessed and never strayed, are reborn or are in the process of being reborn in renewing their faith, love in themselves and God (Divine, masculine and feminine representation of the Source) and Mother Earth.    I am not the person I used to be because of this gift called Grace, I am becoming who I am every day, reluctantly at times and willfully others.   Stand and shine in union by your self and together as we create a new earth guided by our renewed heart (heart = earth by moving the letter h) when we commune with Love.

 * * * * *
a gift from God
on the day we are born
an opportunity
to grow
by ourselves
then come home
to our Source
Lead by Grace
how sweet
this sound
how beautiful
to see
in surrender
to the power
that is for all
to stand tall
. . .
none of this,
being sanctified
is done
by ourself,
the call,
the gift of grace
a beacon,
a silent guide,
whose voice shines
in the dark of night
and brightest day.
in the beginning
this remembering
of my heart
clouded by fear
and anxiety
being saved
from the delusions
of my self.
trust and faith
inside of me
so i may
come home,
to walk,
moment by moment,
breathe by breathe,
hand in hand
with grace
and love
in harmony,
and above

Embrace the Divine
November 17, 2014

In prayer,

In meditation,

One and the same,

I kneel

Face to the ground

Pressed against the top

Of my hands,

Shape of a

Triangle on the ground,


Of a Trinity,

The space

A portal

To love.


November 17, 2014

There is no


In love,

There is no


In love,

There is no


In love.

Your Personal Copy of Markings of the Soul – available on iTunes
November 16, 2014



I wrote in episodic fashion that was categorized in three waves:

The First Wave    1987     Sampling Life’s Individuality

The Second Wave    1990 – 1994   The Three I’s

The Third Wave    1994 – 1997     Outward Ripple, Spiral Inward

AVAILABLE ON iTunes for $2.99 with added chapters and passages including –

– This Thing Called Love

– Dark Knite

– The Soul Expressions Scrolls

– Flow, 2000 onwards

– The Origin of Markings

November 15, 2014

This was written almost a month ago after an intense emotional experience that I still can’t quite understand, other than I almost blacked out and wanted to give up, and this is driving on a highway at night.  There are multiple themes inherent in this, disconnection – where, when, who, how are all a gateway to our original disconnection with the Source/our Self.   How we shut down, and feed denial, confusion, lack of understanding and most definitely one of the most important remedies to much of what ails us – communication, articulation and expression; this is all shut down fuelled by fear and pain, of love, intimacy, giving up control.  It’s about the struggle within to be authentic, to trust, to be loved and love.  It may be fragmented as a poem on a whole but it pulls upon a number of elements that are related.  We are sleep walking and hurting ourselves and others at the same time and truly need to change and make a commitment, to our higher Self for the good of our health and this planet we share.

Bone chilling


Can you not feel

What you are doing

to me?


Cut off,

A form of


But for



Or You?

The one space

Where you

Killed yourself.


To gain control

Of a connection

That makes you


A natural surrender

To rapture,

Your body never


And now

I cry

Deep inside.


November 11, 2014


The clues and cues

From nature

Rain down

On me,

Falling off my


Day after day,

The constant outpour,

Tear by tear,

But I couldn’t

Quite see it.


Ok movie,

Let it go, let it go, let it go

Became something

Of a distaste.

How I chuckle

At my fall from ignorance.

This movie lyric

Was not enough,



Cars drive by,

In front and

To the side of me

On my daily journey

And still it did

Not ring my bell.

How I chuckle at

My former sullen knell.

I started to see

More clearly,

At first crack,


Second crack,

Introverted love 

Reminded me of the chill


Third crack

Vulnerable fortitude,

Still safe,

Still encased,

But able to see


Of me

In my Self.

Who I was

Who I became

And a

Blur of

Who I am.


Je me souviens
November 9, 2014

i remember
or did i really want to
i do.
i blocked off my past
cut it off
or so I thought,
blown wide
in full bloom,
the time
to heal


‘Same Same’, A dialogue on Truth
November 6, 2014

Many years ago I had the great privilege to travel to the exotic land of Thailand, where ‘same same’ , a phrased used very often by the Thai, has taken on a greater context.

A land of Buddhism, a way of living, turning inwards to know and feel outwards is ‘same same’ to the teachings of love (self, unconditional, divine, whatever you want to describe ‘true’ love as because you may find, it’s all the ‘same same’) by Jesus Christ.  True teachers, that showed us a way of being.   Check out the works of a great interpreter, Joseph Campbell, if you would like further clarification because unbelievers always doubt.  But this source of doubt becomes the same same source of devotion once denial is removed and recognition shines from cleared vision after the transmutation occurs.

Grab some popcorn because this is a longer read

Your experience is different

But the same same.

It is this persistence
That sustains separation,
A machination of
Ego imagination,
Examples of shared truth
Process of healing
Of forgiveness,
And the
Process of love,
No judgment,
No expectation,
Are the same,
Only the context
Of you and I,
Is unique in
The degree
Of how we feel.