The Grinch Returned a Gift to My Self

Xmas Neighbour

As a boy,
And for most children,
Christmas was a joy!
Filled with magic
And fun,
Then the Grinch,
In many of its forms
Took my world by storm.

I let it,
For the Grinch
Was me,
My self came to
Resent all the
Even as a child
Or adolescent
Certain things are
Understood more
But we don’t know
How to call it
The Grinch was a
Part of me
That stole my sun,
Why would I ever do this
To my actual Self??
Well the Grinch is a mask
Of Ego,
A statement
Of control against
God, the world and true love
In the form
Of resentment, envy and anger,
To name but a few
Of it’s henchmen.
But I am the one
Who suffered.
Not to say that
I didn’t care but
The effects
Crystallized and
Many years ago
The seed was
But withered
Quickly away,
No conviction.
Last year
I began to believe
And this
Year in earnest,
Over the top decorations
Are everywhere,
And I’m now
That when
Someone puts
That kind of effort
It means they care,
And it’s important
To them!
Shine on
Prancer and Dancer
Is taking off
In Flight
Lighting up
The night,
Bright red,
Green and white,
For everything
To be seen.
In Reverberations
I had a belief
That love can overcome
What I didn’t understand
Is that it
Had to work
Its way inside
Out of me.
Bit by bit,
A gift from God
in the form of a dog,
A semi-persistent woman,
Then my mind
Joined with my heart
And let my heart
Take the lead,
Then it happened
Love overturned
My whole world,
Flipped me upside
And shook
The change right
Out of me.
Starting with my
Set of self beliefs,
Then my hopes
And then my dreams.
Taking me for a
Whirlwind ride
Tossing me over the side
Of a sleigh
Down a chimney
And gift wrapped me
In a place
I call
The fire of
My heart
Keeps me warm
And filled with joy.

8 Responses

  1. Such a beautiful perspective as always. Thank you for sharing.

    • Thank you so much Liz 🙂

      • You’re Welcome merlinx9!

      • I like you’re new gravatar picture!

      • Thank you, Its a nod to my first love. Without him I never would have made it over the past year. The thought of him helped me want to be the best me possible and as kids we danced. Welcome back Merlinx9

      • That’s awesome. when did you actually start posting stuff too? I like your blog and thanks for the support. if you ever care to share..not sure when I’ll be back into writing poetry…it ebbs and flows

  2. You’re very sweet. I started posting at the beginning of November. I still mostly read the work of others. I really cant express how helpful your blog has been to me especially in october and november. I can’t thank you enough for sharing. My blog email is I hope your 2015 is off to a great start!

    • Sent an email!

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