Merry Mary!

Heading out to California, first time ever, for the holidays for what will be interesting on many levels for me.  Wishing all many blessings and a beautiful Merry Christmas.  May your holidays be filled with joy and peace, and have a fantastic New Year’s Celebration.    It’s  been a gift to follow and join a community provided by the reader element of wordpress and I want to thank all of you for your unseen yet timely support through your postings and shared experiences.

If there is anything I can bring to the table for someone, just tell yourSelf “I am a work of art”.  And let your expression unfold.

2015 will see the greater manifestation of my next project – The Healing Heart Common and I invite you all to share in it from near and far (I’m in Toronto – it is a multi-dimensional approach to cultivating our awakened hearts through meditation – retreats – workshops – art).



One Response

  1. Have a safe and restful trip! Our family wishes you the very best of the Holiday season and look forward to reconnecting in the New Year! -H.A.

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