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Every Breaking Wave part 1
March 31, 2015


Been putting together a number of written pieces and the song by U2, especially their live version from European Music Awards – which is so passionate – has converged with and influenced a number of insights in my life.

The end result, something being integrated into my meditation workshops and will become part of an upcoming book / guide dedicated to self-love and awareness is the following  piece.

It could be a personal mantra, an awareness activator for prayer and introspection that I use and came to understand in my own exploration of esteem issues and everyday functioning.


You are loved
You are wanted
You are unique
You are welcomed
You are needed
You are appreciated
It is safe to love
It is safe to be loved
It is safe to be in love
Give yourself a big hug, in front of the mirror preferably 🙂
picture taken at Huntington Beach

A Slightly Different Vibration – Ascending Current
March 30, 2015

harvest med graphic

Markings of the Soul, which in essence began as a self-published, hand-crafted book of poetry was about sharing and expressing the experience of my soul in this lifetime.  If what is said is true, there may not be enough ‘space’ available for us to share all of the experience of all our lifetimes lived in one  So poetry was the initial medium and talent.  I write other things (fitness and health related).   I instruct meditation  (shameless self-promotion coming up 🙂 and also have a book available, and the beauty of this is how all these things are working together to gain a higher level of liberation and connection.

The new vibration that will be expressed via Markings of the Soul, unless I decide to start another blog (which I don’t feel is necessary) will be more than just poetry.  In the end, as from the beginning, what I write comes from my heart – whether it’s the side of the light or the side of the ‘dark’.   All of this uplifting vibration comes from an awakened heart and the experience of this process and most importantly developing a relationship with Divinity (Goddess, God, Higher Self, the I AM presence, whatever you deem it to be) that guides the way.

Thank you for being a part of this which is a ‘new beginning’ in the evolving poet-tree blog and I welcome you to a seat at the round table of conversation and community.

Next post on deck – The Conductor