Nature’s Insight – Great Blue Heron

Blue Heron

Word play deconstruction ahead:

First Word

insight – in(wards) sight to nature (my own).  Insight – a ‘gift’ (deeper understanding, liberation, etc),  insight – it, whatever it is, is within grasp (ironic within means inside ).

Second Word

Self – love.  Now love is not singularly definable from a being perspective.  What I mean is that when we are being..whatever it is in the moment, love comes in many colours.  Today’s was Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron Symbolism

Self – determination.  Self – reliance.  These are attributes of self – love which I will elaborate on momentarily.

The other interesting fact garnered from a book entitled Animal Speak by Ted Andrews, is that the long, slender legs of the Blue Heron imply that you don’t need massive pillars to be stable.  In addition, these long legs allow it to wade into deeper waters (explore a deeper connection to multiple elements of Mother Earth) and with it’s ability to fly, indulge in heavenly wisdom.

My Nature’s Insight

Love is the word du jour.  Everyday.  It’s like that line in the Lord’s Prayer – “Give us this day our sufficient bread”(this is taken from a book entitled The Source of Miracles by Kathleen McGowan).  And every day I receive some ‘sufficient bread’ in the form of a  challenge, event, trigger, blessing, gift… I think you get the idea, that allows me to learn self-love.

Self-determination and self-reliance are nature’s reminder to me or guidance in how to handle some current events based on my blessing of witnessing this majestic bird up close.  Except before I can progress and evolve, I’ve actually had to reconstitute what those two terms mean.  And I realize that this new understanding is not set in stone.  Summarizing the change in understanding – I used to have a very narrow definition and a righteousness / perfectionist / elitist association with them.  Rather disempowering.  I used to want to be self-determined and self-reliant which in themselves are not bad but the fashion in which I thought ‘achieving’ them was incomplete.

Under the umbrella of self-determination and self-reliance is the process of coping.  Coping with, handling, mediating whatever wave I’m riding.  If it’s not a particularly pleasant wave, such as anger, frustration or confusion, my default was always to shut down, lash out, engage in escapism behaviours, run (literally and metaphorically).  Could be a combination of these three or just one of them singularly.  As I child, I hid in my room, if crying was involved, it was suppressed and or hidden.  Present day ramification of this – Who would want someone who cries to deal with stuff, get’s angry, runs away?  Extrapolating this into a full blown neurosis – I’m not good enough, nor wanted.  Now I’m exagerrating a bit but this was some of the old way of being that’s had to change for my overall health.

Self – Love

Possible evolution of these terms, which may be obvious to some but to this guy is relatively new in some regard:

Self-determination has the elements of being responsible and accountable for myself (includes thoughts, actions, emotions, consequences) and is a dance.  Meaning, I seek insight within to choose the best option, not necessarily the most positive, in the best interests of myself and if there are others involved, taking that into consideration.  I submit my will (egotistical nature) to that of Divine Will, in essence, self – determination has an element of surrender and letting go to actually know.

Self – reliance.  I am solely responsible for how I process my emotions and thoughts.  I have to be able to offer myself some level of support, nurturing, respect and so forth to ensure that my nimble, long legs support myself.  It doesn’t imply that I can’t rely or seek others for assistance, which used to be my only option because I hated asking for help for fear of being judged (vulnerable, incompetent, rejected,etc).  Self – reliance has also taught me levels of compassion, connection and more due to the fact that I recognize that many of us are always dealing with something and if I can offer some one a kind word, help, whatever…it goes a long way.  We are in this together.

How I Am Applying Self – Love

This is just a snapshot and not a go-to method used every time.  I will recap and elaborate all in one shot though.

One of my comping methods for any emotion is shutting down, then frantically try to run away.  Can’t, couldn’t or wasn’t able to cope with the energy of internal stuff (emotional, mental) and there would be a build up inside.  Things that triggered, are always the same in one way or another; work, people, current circumstance (all generically speaking because the specifics of the context change with time). The emotion, again, didn’t matter either (anger, frustration, fear, trying to figure stuff out) with the end result always shutting down.

My improved method of being – coping (which is a form of self-love due to greater awareness and understanding) is trying to ground / centre myself which includes and is not limited to:

– lighting candles

– going for a walk in nature

– listening to soothing music

– journalling (if negative element to writing, rip and throw it away immediately after writing it)

– indulge in something humourous

– offer to the Universe a prayer of intent / good will to someone who may be in need of support more so than myself

– prayer or ‘conversation’ with God (God in any form – feminine or masculine persona, angels, etc)

Make a Choice

Making the shift in awareness follows this path sometimes:

Question – Is it my choice to hold on to this feeling?

Answer – I guess yes when it boils down to it, as insane as it may seem sometimes

Next Question – If so, what purpose / lesson does it serve? Is the meaning deeper or just a reminder to to let go and choose a better attitude?

Answer to Next Question – I literally ask myself internally, what is the purpose, is there a lesson, etc and please show me in a form I recognize or understand.  If I’m not ready for the answer, I am ok with that, I will wait patiently.  So I sit with the emotion, observe it, not fix it.  I try to just listen and be.  Way easier said then done.  If it passes great, if it passes and comes back repetitively than I realize there is a deeper lesson.  Bottom line, is I always have a choice.

May this post facilitate your own growth, I offer many blessings to you 🙂

photo credit – Snazzy (the name I gave this great blue heron ) and my iPhone


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