I find it fitting that around the time of it’s ten year anniversary as a self-published, limited edition, handcrafted work that the writings will now find a home in cyber space.



Originally the backdrop was to be like that of the old caves upon which early human’s writings were found. There are many significant events that occurred around 1997 that could only be captured on paper. Imagine an individual’s growth occurring like water about to boil. Slowly bubbles start to float upward, piercing and passing through the barrier that separates two of life’s essences yet joined in such subtle, profound harmony . Air breaking free from it’s bonds, transmuted through the liquid substance coursing upwards in an attempt to be free and expansive. One bubble, two, many; slowly approaching a feverish pitch as the water edges closer and closer to its boiling point. That’s what my awakening was like. It had started long before and continues today, in this very moment.

I was seeking a certain type of stone, with a certain texture and my quest led me to bluestone. This quest veered off on another tangent of self-exploration and led me to one of the world’s greatest wonders, Stonehedge. At this point, in a serendipitous fashion, I came across the backdrop that you see the platinum etchings on, one that is even more universal, a nightsky, with symbols of illumination.


I wrote in episodic fashion that was categorized in three waves:

The First Wave    1987     Sampling Life’s Individuality

The Second Wave    1990 – 1994   The Three I’s

The Third Wave    1994 – 1997     Outward Ripple, Spiral Inward

AVAILABLE ON iTunes for $2.99 with added chapters and passages including

– This Thing Called Love

– Dark Knite

– The Soul Expressions Scrolls

– Flow, 2000 onwards

– The Origin of Markings

Enjoy your being here!

Merlin X



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