1st Wave

1987, a time when my world as a 17 year old was starting to have some interesting foundations laid. I busted my collarbone in 2 places and had a pin put in. This was the catalyst that got me into weight training which has had the largest impact on my life. Secondly, I started reading sports psychology books and began my life as a self-help junkie 😉 Finally, as part as a requisite grade 12 English project, I was responsible for creating 7 poems. I loathed poetry back then, can’t say how I feel about it now after writing hundreds of passages. Hahahahaha…how the universe is a comic!

This first part of the book was titled: The First Wave 1987 Sampling Life’s Individuality

There are 8 entries in this section:



Ancient Whispers

Sleepless Nights

His World

Devastating Potential

The Physical

A Statistic

I’m sure you’ll ascertain that the writing was very appropriate for my psychosocial development at that juncture. The influences were the same as everyone’s else yet for some reason the inherent themes in some of these pieces is retrospectively fascinating (for me at least!).



He is very near,

He knows who you are,

He has no fear

You cannot run far.

He stands by the gallows,

He watches you.

His land is fallow,

He’s a one-man wrecking crew.

He descends on mist

Stands by your side,

Glances at his wrist,

Your time has come, no place to hide.

He’s dressed like the Grim Reaper,

You take your last breath,

He’s your eternal keeper,

This man called Death!


He laughs and smiles,

Wiggles his ears and

Honks his nose.

Clothed in a bright, funny uniform,

His big, black feet,

Saggy, large pants,

Cause him to stumble and fall.

Instead of anger,

There is only happiness,

For his is a job to bring

Joy to the eager, young faces.


Proud and free,

They once roamed the earth.

Ancient customs and beliefs

Passed down generation to generation.

Different tongues, but all were alike in manner,

Living off the natural resources of the land.

They survived many bitter tribal wars,

They were the forefathers of this country,

Then the white man came,

Boat upon boat they reached the shore

Shattering the peace of the countryside

Tools of war and death

Trickery and deceit stole their lands,

All had been lost.

What had once been pride is now humiliation,

They live in groups on the streets or in reserves,

Benefits are few if any.

When will they get the respect and rights they deserve?


The wind whips against his face,

The storm clouds hover above,

Animals run seeking shelter,

He stands alone staring at the tombstone.

For years it has been there,

There is nothing he can do to change it.

He goes over the scene a thousand times,

Each time he feels anger surge through his blood.

His thougts go back to the day,

Brand new BMW,

New promotion,


She was a very beautiful girl,

Just turned seventeen,

Popular among her peers,

Captain of the cheerleading team.

Zipping along the main street,

The title of his favourite pub caught his eye.

Why not, he thought, it was still early.

They told him to stop, but he asked for another.

Taxi offered but refused.

Hurtling along the streets,

He sees her as he takes the corner,

Trying to brake, he hits the accelerator.

Mouth agape, frozen still, fear in her eyes.

The sickening thud is all he remembers.

The lightning explodes from the sky as rain pours down.

Tears roll down his face as he cries in anguish.

He hasn’t slept a peaceful night in six years,

A small price to pay for the pain caused.


His World

He stares at the clock,

The sixth time in a minute.

It seems as if time has stopped,

He wishes the school day finished.

The voices fade away and he stares at the blue sky. . .

The arena is packed and the fans are screaming,

The puck is dropped and overtime has begun.

He picks up a pass from his defenceman,

Dekes one opponent and is out of his end.

He streaks across the centre line,

He sees his objective and there is only one barrier,

The defenceman, the blue and orange jersey, the white number seven,
His childhoood idol.

His heart pumps and his eyes light up,

He fakes to the left and skates wide to the right,

Leaving the defenceman behind him he approaches the net,

A quick snap of his wrist…

Beats the goalie high on the glove side!

They have won the Stanley Cup!!!

He picks up the puck and the team pours onto the ice,

He hears his name shouted among the crowd!

Then, he realizes, it is his teacher and his thoughts are shattered.

He looks anxiously at the clock and finally the bell goes.

As he leaves the room he feels something odd in his pocket,

From it he pulls a cold, shiny black disc with the Leaf insignia.



It lies there,

Hidden behind a black box.

It can create a worldwide scare

That would put us all under rocks.

An astonishing force unleashed,

Once the red button is pushed.

All because National Security has been breached,

The American Dream is about to be crushed.

On the radar they appear,

Soaring above the sea.

The people freeze in fear,

What is there now, will cease to be.

A mushroom cloud forms,

A wave of radiation glows,

The fallout will create storms,

What is left?? Nobody knows.

Amongst the mist and rubble,

The possessions remain of many unknown.

There is a Man far from trouble,

Now all the Earth is His to roam.

His Father’s creation destroyed because of a manly whim.

A result of one person’s treason.

Man’s greatest advantage turned against him,

He lost his ability to reason.



For me it seems

The world is made of never ending dreams.

It’s at times like these

That days were made for me to seize.

Depression, expression, impression

Time ticks away

Visibility, hypocrisy, reality

Morning leads to day.

I wake up in the morning

To a never ending race,

I’m deaf to the warning

I flow against the hectic pace.

Capitalism, materialism, mysticism

Rivers flow.

Corruption, election, eruption,

Winds blow.

I see the people yearning,

I go about my learning,

For the day will arise

When I take the world by surprise.

Optimism, journalism, racism

Beliefs are shattered,

Recession, oppression, regression

Bodies are scattered.

Ignorance is an epidemic,

It courses through our veins.

Education is the medic

It washes away the stains.

History, biology, geography

Knowledge is on the rise.

Cooperate, mediate, learn not to hate

Wisdom is the prize.



He walks through the hallways,

All alone.

He sits in the cafeteria

All alone.

He is not new to the school,

All alone.

He walks to and from school everyday,

All alone.

They stare at him as if he’s an alien,

All alone.

The girls laugh at him,

All alone.

He is an honour student,

All alone.

He is not very athletic,

All alone.

Through a window he sees a happy couple,

All alone.

Eighteen years old,

All alone.

He stares at the letter,

All alone.

The noose tightens.

All alone?? Not anymore.


That concludes the contemplations of a seventeen year old boy. I’m about to turn 37 as of this blog’s creation and wow, how time has flown by. 🙂


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