2nd Wave

When I was organizing the writings chronologically, there was a pattern and the second wave occurred from 1990 to 1994.

The Three I’s: Independence, Identity Search, Inquiry into Life.

Here’s a sample of some of the 38 poems in this section:

The Wanting

Waiting for Nando

Arrggghhhh and Arrggghhhh !!!

Blind Faith

Grim Determination

Fountain of Youth



There she stands,

The girl of my dreams.

I wish she was in my hands.

I wish, I wish, it seems.

A wave of hope overcomes me,

My eyes meet hers.

I wish we were by the sea,

I wish, I wish, my vision blurs.

A moment of chance slips away,

I turn my head in disgust.

I wish I knew what to say.

I wish, I wish, I must.

My heart pounds with fear,

I only think of rejection.

I wish my doubts would disappear,

I wish, I wish, for a suggestion.

The time has coe for me to rise,

Only then will I be whole.

I wish it dosn’t end with good byes.

I wish, I wish, for my soul.

I try to live with no regrets,

So I must learn to be someone new.

Only time will tell what my effort gets,

The stage it calls, it is my cue.


Waiting for Nando

Maybe one day I’ll be rich

Maybe I do have a chip on my shoulder

Maybe I have been influenced by joe cool marketing

Maybe I have been hypnotized by Playboy

Maybe one day I’ll understand women

Maybe I have unrealistic expectations

Maybe I am a little too hard on myself

Maybe I am bitter towards the world

Maybe I am trying to change the world

Maybe I am anally – retentive

Maybe I’ll have a happy ending

Maybe I’ll accomplish the things I set out to do

Maybe someday I’ll smile at a beautiful stranger

Maybe I’ll write a book

Maybe I’ll open a business

Maybe I’ll get my degree

Maybe I’ll get in touch with my inner-child

Maybe I need help

Maybe I need to learn

Maybe I need to be touched by love

Maybe I need God

Maybe I need a swift kick

Maybe I need humility

Maybe I need to loosen up a little

Maybe I need to have fun

Maybe I always wanted to be team captain

Maybe I always wanted to be leading scorer

Maybe I always wanted to be taken seriously

Maybe I always wanted to be heard

Maybe I always wanted to be recognized

Maybe I wanted support

Maybe I wanted to be encouraged

Maybe I wanted to be liked by all

Maybe I wanted to flip out

Maybe I wanted to feel spontaneous emotion

Maybe i want to cry

Maybe I wanted to scream and scream and scream

Maybe, just maybe, one day I’ll be me.


Arrggghhhh and Arrggghhhh !!!

Click!  The TV is on,

Witness, old values gone.

Click! The channel is changed,

Behold, society is deranged.

Click! Hour of the Scriptures,

Tomorrow, face the scandalous pictures.

Click!  He Shoots!  He Scores!

Ludicrous salary demands soar.

Click!  Peroxide blonde,

Trend, hedonistic generation spawned.

Click!  Limbs entwined,

Gasp!  More than just a behind.

Click!  A thirty second deal,

Bargain, a consumer steal.

Click!  Pop music all day long,

Sigh, I just heard that song.

Click!  Family animation

Rude, a sweeping sensation.

Click!  Cultural education,

Yuck!!!  Turn to another station.

Click!  A glimpse of reality,

Disgusting, more senseless brutality.

Click!  An impassioned speech,

Promises, promises, practice what you preach.

Click!!  “I can make you rich”

Scam, another sales pitch.

Click!  A glorious lifestyle,

Prime time, a seductive smile.

Click!  Static at the end of the line.

Yawn, what a way to unwind.


Blind Faith

Is that not a contradiction??

One says that they do not know

I disagree.

Blind faith

Is it not like walking down a tunnel,

Without any light to see,

Yet, presuming something will happen??

Blind faith

How without expectation??

It cannot be,

For, you will come out with something.

Blind faith

Remember, nothing is still something,

A learning experience indeed.

Blind faith??  I think not.


Grim Determination

It comes from deep within,

Energy unbound,

Looking for a channel.

All you’ve ever wanted and more,

Just within your grasp,

Just outside your reach.

Every fibre of your being yearns,

An internal inferno

That cannot be quenched.

You do what it takes,

At all costs,

Within reason.

It overcomes you in waves,

Takes control,

And guides.

Scream at the top of your lungs,

Echoing throughout,

Emotion unleashed.

You want to fall down in a ball,

To be left alone,

To cope.

You face it head on,

Standing high above the clouds,

Only to come crashing down.

You dared to be different,

It wasn’t enough,

Something was missing.

Again you try,

Knocking your head against a wall,

Harder and harder.

You long to cry,

Let it all out,

Lose control.

Your muscles tense,

Your heart pounds,

Breathing is shallow.

Reach out and grab,

Hold onto what you’ve got,

Cherish the moment.

It lasts only a second,

Slips through your fingers,

Gone in a flash.

You want it back,

Energy within,

boils and boils.

You want to blow your top,

But you dig deep,

And bare down.

You will reach your goal,

Overcome any barrier,

If takes to the end of time,

It will be mine.


Fountain of Youth

A quest for eternal youth,

A blatant course for disappointment.

A waste of time,

No one can live forever.

However, I think there is more,

Read between the lines,

It is not a quest for eternal youth,

But a longing to go back.

Recapture the energy,

Regain the enthusiasm,

A honest, untainted zest for life,

Appreciating the true meaning.

Somewhere in this race it is lost,

People tune out to nature’s beauty,

Focused on trivial things,

Engrossed in idle pastimes.

But under the layers, it is there,

Under society’s lock and key,

It cries to be free,

To be one with what comes naturally.

Ever notice the sparkle in a kid’s eye?

From dawn to dusk,

Bundles of energy and joy,

Passion unharnessed.

Then one day it happens,

Snagged in a trap,

Restricted and chained,

Retained and brainwashed.

Rules and regulations,

Made by who?

Persisting through the years,

Dictate what we do.

Conform and give in,

Resistance will not be tolerated,

Rebels do not fit in,

A charade no deeper than skin.

Like a metal tarnished,

A river run dry,

There is a lost look in their eye,

All one can do is wonder why?

When one looks at our world,

It is diversity unbound,

Only to the naked eye

To the keen mind it is more.

Individuality, makes the world go round,

Be true and honest to yourself

Never let go of the child inside,

For that is the fountain of youth.

Refreshing to the touch,

Appealing to the eye,

It is the seed of creativity,

The mother of originality.


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