Poetic Perception – a twist today – Mumford and Sons “I Will Wait”
December 1, 2014

I’ve always been in awe with music.  Lyrics, composition , how through the decades new creations spring forth on a daily basis across all genres.  I’m always intrigued by what inspired a song and how I or the listener can interpret it in their own context.  No lie, some of my poems have been influenced by musicians from RUSH, Boston, U2, Seal, Sarah McLachlan to Tom Petty.

Today I’m taking the lyrics to “I Will Wait for You” by Mumford and Sons, which has been a bit of a personal anthem lately and in italics give my poetic perception.

Let me take you on a trip.



Amazing Grace – Merlin X Tribute
November 18, 2014

There is not a song I know that brings me to the floor, to join the tears that flow from my eyes, every time I hear this, regardless of the version or singer and I’m grateful for John Newton for his gift to us through the ages, as an anthem for personal liberty from all that we enslave ourselves with and the one and only way out.
_ _ _ _ _

This is my tribute to all that have been blessed and never strayed, are reborn or are in the process of being reborn in renewing their faith, love in themselves and God (Divine, masculine and feminine representation of the Source) and Mother Earth.    I am not the person I used to be because of this gift called Grace, I am becoming who I am every day, reluctantly at times and willfully others.   Stand and shine in union by your self and together as we create a new earth guided by our renewed heart (heart = earth by moving the letter h) when we commune with Love.

 * * * * *
a gift from God
on the day we are born
an opportunity
to grow
by ourselves
then come home
to our Source
Lead by Grace
how sweet
this sound
how beautiful
to see
in surrender
to the power
that is for all
to stand tall
. . .
none of this,
being sanctified
is done
by ourself,
the call,
the gift of grace
a beacon,
a silent guide,
whose voice shines
in the dark of night
and brightest day.
in the beginning
this remembering
of my heart
clouded by fear
and anxiety
being saved
from the delusions
of my self.
trust and faith
inside of me
so i may
come home,
to walk,
moment by moment,
breathe by breathe,
hand in hand
with grace
and love
in harmony,
and above