AA – 1 Step
April 17, 2015


“Ever have one of those days when…”

As someone just mentioned, there’s always something to be optimistic about even when having one of those days.   How lucky am I to have witnessed a double rainbow?

As above, so below.  As within, so without



Nature’s Insight – Great Blue Heron
April 16, 2015

Blue Heron

Word play deconstruction ahead:

First Word

insight – in(wards) sight to nature (my own).  Insight – a ‘gift’ (deeper understanding, liberation, etc),  insight – it, whatever it is, is within grasp (ironic within means inside ).

Second Word

Self – love.  Now love is not singularly definable from a being perspective.  What I mean is that when we are being..whatever it is in the moment, love comes in many colours.  Today’s was Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron Symbolism

Self – determination.  Self – reliance.  These are attributes of self – love which I will elaborate on momentarily.


Spring Salutations
April 15, 2015

FullSizeRender copy

Rise up! Rise up! Rise Up!

In the stillness

Of their stance

You may actually feel their

Rebirthing excitation

To be a part

Of another

Mother Earth

Spring renewal

See how

They colour

Our World

In Vibrant


Their inherent

Earthly dance.

photo credit – mother nature and me 🙂

Wannabe Beach Bums – New weekly feature – Dose of Vitamin M
April 13, 2015

Ok..so I have a tendency to be deep, pensive and sometimes too introverted (in case you haven’t noticed that from my writing and poetry).  In recent times there has been a heightened awareness of my heart centre and things like vulnerability, unconditional love, compassion and so on.  Let it not be forgotten that this internal fountain of youth within us is connected to enjoying life and indulging in humour.  With that being said, I like to have fun as much as the next person and more so lately since I’ve given my anal retentiveness a serious kick to the curb.    I am blessed with a dog who acts as a buffer for me.  He’s a walking billboard that flashes “Why so serious?” on some occasions, “Let’s play” on others.

So, in keeping with this adventure of maintaining and finding balance from a fun perspective, I’m introducing a new feature – Weekly Dose of Vitamin M – featuring my chocolate lab, Mustang!

Today he is accompanied by his one of his partners in crime, Corona…


Tomorrow…not so sure … may have to call ‘Puppy 911’ after this natural gas explosion.



The Little Kid Under the Bed
April 13, 2015


When I was small I got spooked easily.  Watching the old Frankenstein or Dracula movies were enough to petrify me and I would hide and sleep under my parents bed.  The first few times I did, I had to sneak and do it because it was something my parents forbade me from doing.  It was tough as a little child to be sleeping downstairs on the main floor by myself while they and my sister slept upstairs in their rooms.  I never realized until this moment how this made me feel so alone and vulnerable.  Nor did I understand how it formed part of a pattern of stifling communication when I’m vulnerable because I won’t ask for help when I’m in this state because of the negative compliance implications (rejection) and due to the result of not fully understanding things from my parents perspective which was well meaning.  Today that little kid was peering out from underneath the bed in pretty dramatic fashion.



Every Breaking Wave part 1
March 31, 2015


Been putting together a number of written pieces and the song by U2, especially their live version from European Music Awards – which is so passionate – has converged with and influenced a number of insights in my life.

The end result, something being integrated into my meditation workshops and will become part of an upcoming book / guide dedicated to self-love and awareness is the following  piece.

It could be a personal mantra, an awareness activator for prayer and introspection that I use and came to understand in my own exploration of esteem issues and everyday functioning.


You are loved
You are wanted
You are unique
You are welcomed
You are needed
You are appreciated
It is safe to love
It is safe to be loved
It is safe to be in love
Give yourself a big hug, in front of the mirror preferably 🙂
picture taken at Huntington Beach

Open Door – Cocooning, the end of Me part 3 of 4
January 12, 2015

Dedication to a great host, while in California, is at the end of this.


last ocean meditation

Would you
Upon deep
There is no such
Thing as
A heart that is


Pilgrimage – part 2 of 4 of Cocooning, the end of me
January 11, 2015



Enter into
The dream,
Land of living
Oceans, mountains, desert


That’s a wrap – Cocooning, the end of Me, part 1 of 4
January 11, 2015

Happy New Year!  There’s a dedication at the end of this poem. This is one of 4 that pretty much will be the end for a while, the last post in this series will contain the explanation.


Angel trinity

May the angels

Watch over


I use to believe in love
December 13, 2014


I believed
In Love
Now I’m realizing
I have come
To a new
A growing
My belief
No longer
An intellectual
To understand
A Construct
Beyond the mind,
Constantly evolving
All the time
And really more
Than can be
In a rhyme.
It is
A message
White dove
Carries from
My heart
Petal by petal
The vibration
Is being