Je me souviens
November 9, 2014

i remember
or did i really want to
i do.
i blocked off my past
cut it off
or so I thought,
blown wide
in full bloom,
the time
to heal



The Dark Knite Returns
November 1, 2014

Back in 2000 (refer to the page on this site Dark Knite) I chose to face what I thought were my demons.  Perhaps some were dealt with but apparently not completely.  There seemed to be a perpetuation of inner sentiment that would not let go.  Well it’s dawning on me now…(pun fully intended) that my dark knite has returned but as the song goes “He will raise you up on eagle’s wings” ( a tune from my elementary Catholic school days) I’m taking flight out of the abyss, rising sun on the horizon.  It’s a process so I’m sure there will be more articulated in time, this particular passage, was written on Oct 22 of this year(2014).  Somewhere around the time of another solar eclipse that was in Scorpio…my birth sign.

I used to be afraid

Of the dark

Maybe because I

Was locked in

A basement,


Of the unknown,

Put there by


As punishment,

Didn’t know how

To deal,


To escape,


Devouring Me.


Hug a Tree
October 31, 2014

Update to this poem (which is also a repost)

This concept of tree is being expanded, this is the teaser to the updated version which is being crafted:

an all natural, nurturing, wisdom of the earth guide for us to breathe, a protector and partner, who takes care of us and we need to take care of them.

Where I grew up, I had the good fortune to have a creek nearby.  This valley had been a sanctuary to me for so many reasons, from timeless walks with the dog, to hours and hours of dry land conditioning for hockey, to countless journeys taken running in prep for cross country to just being nurtured by Mother Nature in contemplation.  After one of those walks, again, the inspiration was channeled from nature to paper.  This passage was written in Feb 1998.




Poetry in Nature
March 15, 2014

I realize this is a blog dedicated to poetry but there is great relevance to this post and the book I’ve authored, from getting in tune with yourself in nature to better express through word or to shift your brainwaves to overcome writer’s block.  Hope you enjoy.

Click image to read.

Dusk Jpeg Min Med


Dark Knite …
November 13, 2013

In the digital edition of Markings of the Soul, Dark Knite is a compilation of passages that occurred after the original edition.  I guess it’s true that you have to go through a period of darkness to see light, and be able to see light in any subsequent darkness you may encounter in your life.



I went out one evening and tried to capture a certain ominous feel of dim lights on foreboding stormy clouds.  This picture serves as a background to some of the passages in Dark Knite.


Does Love Exist…
November 6, 2013

A chapbook comprised of a couple passages from the original Markings of the Soul and many others that came after it.

photo-3   photo-5

In the digital edition, this chapbook has been included as a separate chapter and expanded upon with another 10 years of observation.




Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 10.13.41 PM

Available_on_iTunes_Badge_US-UK_110x40_0824  for $2.99


I Know Shit
September 13, 2012

This poem was inspired by my first season working as a landscaper doing lawn maintenance.

It’s part of the 2nd Wave of Markings of the Soul which I’ve been inspired to release a second edition that includes new material  in eBook form with a target date prior to the Christmas Holidays 2012.    Stay tuned for developments on that front.

I Know Shit

Now for the nitty gritty,

Literally, it’ pretty shitty.

Ah yes, nothing like dog shit.

In the beginning

It always burned my ass

As I would cut the grass.

I spent so much time

Trying to understand,

Then finally,

It sunk in.


September 9, 2012

Not enough volume

2 fill.







Comes and goes.

Give and take,

Struggle and effort,


Owes no one


Diverse, similar, all one,

Cyclical, straight,

Simple, complex,

Pain, torn between.

A gift

2 B respected.

It is space,

It is time,

Everything in between

And surrounding.

– A passage written in 1998 from the 3rd Wave in Markings of the Soul

August 22, 2012

When I first wrote this poem, ‘Devotion’, I was watching a family, through a window, walking by and something transpired that touched me to put this down on paper.

What’s prompted this post is two fold…I came across it going through some old stuff and today’s a buddy’s birthday (Rami S.) that I’ve known since first year U at Erindale…from breaking into the Council Chambers to study in the lush, leather chairs; to playing soccer out on the field at 3am during an all-nighter prior to my Psyche101 exam…our lives have had some common threads. Included in this in recent years was his prompting me to read Victor Frankl’s ‘Man’s Search for Meaning’ as well as some entertaining discussions on ‘A Course in Miracles’ which we had both read pretty much at the same time. I dedicate this poem to him simply because he personifies the concept of the Power of One, through his work for over two decades with Hospices, to the many clients he’s helped as a homeopathic doctor and registered holistic nutritionist, and now as a father of a beautiful baby girl. I tip my hat off to him and all the other countless heroes who’s lives and efforts seem to go unnoticed in a world consumed by sensationalist crap in the media.


I am







Service for


Sister and brother

Father and mother,

No distinction



The dream

The proper act

Of love



Nothing to gain

Achieve through pain

A reality

Viewed through a

Crystal clear pane.





November 4, 2007

I close my eyes

In the dark there is no boundary

Between you and I

There is no concept

Of time and space.

Only eternity

Inside and outside of me.

The tranquility of



Rise and fall

Of my breath.

The vibration of my heart beat

Resonates from the center of my chest.

A freeing,

To come into being

A full body

Cosmic Connection

With the universe.

A passionate appreciation

For life burns.

When I open my eyes

Reflection of self.

I was partaking in a meditation back in 2000 and when I came out of it and the inspiration to this flowed through my hand to paper.