A Path to Love – A Paw Print for Living Kickstarter Campaign is Live
September 10, 2017


Hello everyone!  I just launched this minutes ago.  I ask for your support in helping make this project a reality and being a part of an individual and collective effort to be the change we want to see in this world.

Click above image to take you to Kickstarter project page and pledge!

Thank you,

Merlin and Mustang



Puppy Love
March 13, 2016

Where time stands still

And nothing else matters


And presence 

In the moment 

Talk for hours 

And it seems 

Like nothing


There were 

No fears 

No cares 

About what 

Other people 


The first hurt

The first scar

Unable to 


Return to innocence

So many years 


With true love


And God’s guidance

From the

Dwelling home


The heart 

Puppy love



To the world

In your hands



Guided by

Your soul

The 7 Year Itch   part3 – Meeting Needs
February 22, 2016


There are times when I take Mustang for a walk that the walk is really for me, he becomes an accessory or obligation. I know that sounds harsh and it does make me tinge with pain for being selfish or not so cognizant of his needs.

When I have emotional issues or stress and my needs are not met or I’m having trouble finding a way to meet my needs, it is really hard to connect with meeting the needs of my dog.  And he has them.  Sniff a billion things, pee on a million and perhaps take a number 2, as well as chase after a ball or prance around with a big ass stick.  More importantly there is a subtle sense of freedom and adventure for him to be outside when most of his day is spent indoors.   I forget this when I’m too self-absorbed and he gets the short end of the stick.

It’s hard to meet the needs of others when you are having a hard time meeting your own. Not looking for a solution in or with my partner, especially if it’s something they can’t help with, communicating my lack of fulfillment to them is invaluable though.  I’ve learnt to recognize my awareness and articulate it.  Seeking God seems like a cop out in terms of handing off responsibility but it does bring peace sometimes.  Thinking of others, like my dog, and recognizing and being grateful for little things helps too.   Walking Mustang, day in day out for seven years has taught me this, I may be a slow learner in some regards but I’m glad for what he has shown me.

The final two posts in the 7 Year Itch anniversary lessons will be:

  • Innocence
  • Joy of a child

Wannabe Beach Bums – New weekly feature – Dose of Vitamin M
April 13, 2015

Ok..so I have a tendency to be deep, pensive and sometimes too introverted (in case you haven’t noticed that from my writing and poetry).  In recent times there has been a heightened awareness of my heart centre and things like vulnerability, unconditional love, compassion and so on.  Let it not be forgotten that this internal fountain of youth within us is connected to enjoying life and indulging in humour.  With that being said, I like to have fun as much as the next person and more so lately since I’ve given my anal retentiveness a serious kick to the curb.    I am blessed with a dog who acts as a buffer for me.  He’s a walking billboard that flashes “Why so serious?” on some occasions, “Let’s play” on others.

So, in keeping with this adventure of maintaining and finding balance from a fun perspective, I’m introducing a new feature – Weekly Dose of Vitamin M – featuring my chocolate lab, Mustang!

Today he is accompanied by his one of his partners in crime, Corona…


Tomorrow…not so sure … may have to call ‘Puppy 911’ after this natural gas explosion.



I Know Shit
September 13, 2012

This poem was inspired by my first season working as a landscaper doing lawn maintenance.

It’s part of the 2nd Wave of Markings of the Soul which I’ve been inspired to release a second edition that includes new material  in eBook form with a target date prior to the Christmas Holidays 2012.    Stay tuned for developments on that front.

I Know Shit

Now for the nitty gritty,

Literally, it’ pretty shitty.

Ah yes, nothing like dog shit.

In the beginning

It always burned my ass

As I would cut the grass.

I spent so much time

Trying to understand,

Then finally,

It sunk in.


It’s a Dog’s Life – Part 3
February 21, 2012

you and me

it took 3

days to conjure

stress endure

a name




free spirit




family day



you and me




3 yrs long


a smile




gentle nut

happy dance

wood prance

nature break

tail wake



and night

at the door




my personal yoda

lessons innate

dawn til late

perked ears

shake a paw

Welcoming cheers



This is the third piece I’ve written on dogs (It’s a dogs life part one and two which I will post shortly).  Each time has been a different context. One being an observer from the outside, one influenced by experiences in landscaping and change but never ownership, until Family Day 2009.  For those of you that know me, this has been quite a change. So it’s fitting that the third comes on the third anniversary of the day I thought it would be cool to have a dog.  Not because I was looking for a friend, or to fill a void. I just thought it would be cool.   I remember growing up with a dog and it was fun. Nobody told me about the work and responsibility element of dog ownership.  Next time I think something is cool, I’ll think three times about it first  🙂


There was a convergence of forces working that fateful day.  I have two clients to thank for me becoming a dog owner.  One of which whom I used to walk his chocolate lab and the other, a pet owner extra-donaire (multiple cats and dogs).   Nothing like getting a phone call from the latter just as I had logged off the Animal Services Website and hearing “Guess what I just saw on the Animal Services website?”  Hmmm, let me guess, a chocolate lab which happened to be the very last listing three pages deep?  An hour after that phone call history has since been written in the name of Mustang.


You do not have to be a dog owner to relate to this but it’s taken having a creature by my side, more than my shadow, to realize it.  There is a lot to be said about a dog’s nature and this may be somewhat of a generalization because every dog has its quirks, but I’m not talking about the universal notion that dogs are the epitome of unconditional love. There is a  purity to a dog’s nature expressed in their actions around simplicity that leaves me speechless and a bit ashamed too. We as humans are supposed to be evolved beings yet we have a notion that we need a tonne of variety in our lives and things must be super complicated to make us feel alive and worthwhile.   This dog finds such joy in just waking up in the morning that he does a happy dance every single day, rain or shine,  unlike me who is not a morning person at all. I could take him on the same walk everyday and he would never get bored. He can sniff the same bush a thousand times and he never makes a face or complains about the monotony of this routine.  Nor does he seek alternative realities to escape from the sights and sounds of nature.  Yet this human nature of ours clearly requires distraction in many forms for some special reason.

One could say I read too much into things or that I’m too deep but I’ve certainly been in accord with the maxim that life is a great teacher and that your reality is a mirror of lessons that are necessary to growth.  And no doubt this dog has made me change some of my spots.