A Testament to Myself
May 15, 2017

I am worth
The effort
The pain
The hurt
The risk
The anxiety
The struggle
The fear.
I am worth
The effort
To sit in
And be with
And go through
The hellfire of
Of it.
I am worth
Living for
And dying for.
My worth is
I’m willing
And glad
To be
To my true
To evolve
To be
Who am I
Which is
A sparkle
In the
Of Divine


Make a Wish
February 25, 2016

How difficult is this simple exercise?  Say these words authentically:

I’m sorry, it was not my intent to hurt you. I will try to be more sensitive.”

I’m going to reach out on a limb and venture a guess that this is not easy for someone who probably thinks they have done nothing wrong.  It’s not my problem the other person is too sensitive.  I’m not sure if I was like this years ago and in my more awakened, vulnerability I feel more now. If so, maybe it’s the karmic wheel in full circle. 

It’s astonishing that some people will hurt someone or offend them and be completely unaware of the damage they have done.  Ignorant innocence, is this the new term to describe it?  What does this teach?  First and foremost to love myself.  Find a quiet space and sit with myself to be with myself as I cope with the emotional turbulence within until I find a better sense of equilibrium.  Forgiveness, don’t want to hold a grudge against the person ( for too long anyways ).  Introspection leads to another demonstration of the golden rule; filter what comes out of my mouth in general.  And this is even tougher presently because the hurt I feel leads to a natural coping action of lashing out.  

I chose this dandelion picture because of a number of it’s attributes – delicate, out in the open, interconnected, almost transparent. All elements, and not limited to, of the process of nurturing your nature, loving your self. May we all make the effort to accept and embrace the challenges of choosing love.