Forever One
May 21, 2017

Ohio plates
Notre Dame
Another Clue
On the plates,
Ties in to
Past lives
New Understanding
Different view.
Monk and nun
900 years ago
Medieval era
Love story
Ahead of its
Drawn together
Seeking deeper
Many years apart,
In age,
And after tragedy,
Castration, betrayal and
An only child
They had,
She was forced
To give up
Suffering at the
Hands of
Ludicrous convention
And worry,
Relative to the mores
Of their time.
Deep passionate
Love letters span
A lifetime with
Sporadic interaction.
Reunited in death
Bed by bed
Side by side
Forever one.


A Testament to Myself
May 15, 2017

I am worth
The effort
The pain
The hurt
The risk
The anxiety
The struggle
The fear.
I am worth
The effort
To sit in
And be with
And go through
The hellfire of
Of it.
I am worth
Living for
And dying for.
My worth is
I’m willing
And glad
To be
To my true
To evolve
To be
Who am I
Which is
A sparkle
In the
Of Divine

What Would I do Without You
April 10, 2017


I don’t know
What I would do without you,
Wallow in self pity
Build larger walls of resentment
Watch my anger fester
And sorrow grow?
And never really
What it is
To love?
I’m still coming
To terms
Who You are
Or What you are
Dear God
Or Gaia
Or Both
I truly would
Have no
If it wasn’t
For the guidance
You give
And the Light
You provide.
One day
If I’m so blessed
To meet you
I will look
To the skies,
Raise my arms
And then kneel
To kiss the ground
For my wishes
Come True

Twin Flame
April 5, 2017


Watched two flames

In one candle


Last night.

Incredible energy,

Both drawn


They bend and twist,

Turn and tilt,

Lean in, lean out

Fast, slow

Frenetic shaking

Followed by

Steady calm.

Trying to consume,

Capture, Fuse

Each other

While sharing

The same space.

So powerful and illuminating,

Attracted, repelled,

Too hot to handle,

Too cold to not

Come back


In the center,

Both fuelled

By the unseen

Fluid air.


ps capture the minute meditation video – Candlelight – on tomorrow to see this brilliant dance

Two Trees
March 29, 2017


I waited for you to
Rescue me
Role reversal
The feminine hero
My Dope
Recently all I do is mope
Do you know what
It feels like to
Be despondent
Hopeless, Helpless
Crying out for help
And hating it simultaneously?
Closing off
Lately I have been
Semi authentic
In my heavenly
Why not…
I got my Wake up
No Doubt

I was afraid to rock the boat
Then it became stuck in a moat
Afraid to trigger
And lost my inner navigator
Enabling in a different way
And I’m the receiving end
This time.
I became afraid of losing you
If I was me,
You liked the newer me
But still repelled by
To fall back
My mitigating
Only instigating

Don’t call me in
The Fall
When all your
Summer flings
With persons or things
Leave you
Still feeling
Empty inside

Nurture Your Nature
October 19, 2016



For those of you that I’ve had the pleasure of sharing my poetry and musings with, I’m adding another chapter in the book of Merlin expressions with my latest site offering:

Commune    Infuse    Renew





February 3, 2016

This morning I was reminded of something that I had wanted to write about so here it is. We were blessed with a glorious view of the full moon a week ago and on a cloud free evening walking my pup I was reminded of a saying. We were walking through a park, snow covered the ground in this vast open space all around us as we breathed in crisp winter air. In the distance you could see smoke rising from a chimney floating upwards, as if reaching out to embrace the full moon.  
Looking at the ground in front of me all I could see was a dazzling display of glitter. Some sparkles brighter than others, only for a moment because with each step the moonlight was reflected off the snowflakes differently. Incredibly beautiful. It was similar to seeing the brilliance of the sun reflected on the surface of water, all the ripples shining together in a universal choreography. 

Paraphrasing the quote from a fading memory, essentially we all have the same light within. Some of the biggest and possibly hardest lessons, for myself in recent times, are compassion, non-judgment, seek to understand perhaps more so know what sympathy and empathy are. This is not only in regards to and for others, but more importantly, I find for myself. Anything I cannot do or be for myself is hard to share with others.   

Communing with nature always brings peace to my soul even if I can’t grasp the small or large picture. So in this moment nature is the classroom that reminds me of my roots and I am grateful.

Nature’s Insight – Great Blue Heron
April 16, 2015

Blue Heron

Word play deconstruction ahead:

First Word

insight – in(wards) sight to nature (my own).  Insight – a ‘gift’ (deeper understanding, liberation, etc),  insight – it, whatever it is, is within grasp (ironic within means inside ).

Second Word

Self – love.  Now love is not singularly definable from a being perspective.  What I mean is that when we are being..whatever it is in the moment, love comes in many colours.  Today’s was Great Blue Heron.

Great Blue Heron Symbolism

Self – determination.  Self – reliance.  These are attributes of self – love which I will elaborate on momentarily.


Spring Salutations
April 15, 2015

FullSizeRender copy

Rise up! Rise up! Rise Up!

In the stillness

Of their stance

You may actually feel their

Rebirthing excitation

To be a part

Of another

Mother Earth

Spring renewal

See how

They colour

Our World

In Vibrant


Their inherent

Earthly dance.

photo credit – mother nature and me 🙂

Wannabe Beach Bums – New weekly feature – Dose of Vitamin M
April 13, 2015 I have a tendency to be deep, pensive and sometimes too introverted (in case you haven’t noticed that from my writing and poetry).  In recent times there has been a heightened awareness of my heart centre and things like vulnerability, unconditional love, compassion and so on.  Let it not be forgotten that this internal fountain of youth within us is connected to enjoying life and indulging in humour.  With that being said, I like to have fun as much as the next person and more so lately since I’ve given my anal retentiveness a serious kick to the curb.    I am blessed with a dog who acts as a buffer for me.  He’s a walking billboard that flashes “Why so serious?” on some occasions, “Let’s play” on others.

So, in keeping with this adventure of maintaining and finding balance from a fun perspective, I’m introducing a new feature – Weekly Dose of Vitamin M – featuring my chocolate lab, Mustang!

Today he is accompanied by his one of his partners in crime, Corona…


Tomorrow…not so sure … may have to call ‘Puppy 911’ after this natural gas explosion.