The Wells of Belief
December 4, 2014

Star crossed
Teary eyed
A part of my heart
That has never died
A knowing
Were never
Meant to be.
You and your
Came first.



The Dark Knite Returns
November 1, 2014

Back in 2000 (refer to the page on this site Dark Knite) I chose to face what I thought were my demons.  Perhaps some were dealt with but apparently not completely.  There seemed to be a perpetuation of inner sentiment that would not let go.  Well it’s dawning on me now…(pun fully intended) that my dark knite has returned but as the song goes “He will raise you up on eagle’s wings” ( a tune from my elementary Catholic school days) I’m taking flight out of the abyss, rising sun on the horizon.  It’s a process so I’m sure there will be more articulated in time, this particular passage, was written on Oct 22 of this year(2014).  Somewhere around the time of another solar eclipse that was in Scorpio…my birth sign.

I used to be afraid

Of the dark

Maybe because I

Was locked in

A basement,


Of the unknown,

Put there by


As punishment,

Didn’t know how

To deal,


To escape,


Devouring Me.