3rd Wave

This was a time of immense, emotional flux.  Incredible expansion and contraction, literally like having my mind blown open with such intensity and the dust not settling in some areas for quite a few years.  All the while my awareness and vision continually becoming clearer.

Sample of some of  the passages in the third part of the self-published work, Markings of the Soul.  These were written from 1994 to 1997.



What About Me ??


Everywhere is Death

I Know Shit

The Dying of the Light

Tao and Zen

The Sun



Not enough volume

2 fill.







Comes and goes.

Give and take,

Struggle and effort,


Owes no one


Diverse, similar, all one,

Cyclical, straight,

Simple, complex,

Pain, torn between.

A gift

2 B respected.

It is space,

It is time,

Everything in between

And surrounding.



Envision, a dream come true

Envision, it’s all for you.

Denial, a hidden truth,

Denial, a thought uncouth.

Happy, a better time

Happy, dry sarcastic rhyme.

Family, a close-knit bunch,

Family, a knock out punch.

Love, all you want,

Love, an endless taunt.

Rejected by contemporary society,

Rejected, no faith in a deity.

Suicide, an act of pride,

Suicide, no longer contained inside.

Immortal, forever in our minds,

Immortal, a burning fyer that binds.

We miss you,

We forgive you,

We love you.

The Spark will never die.

– Written in memory of Brian Eric “Sparky” Crowe who took his life in the mid-nineties


What About Me ??

Greatest fear

Absence of light?

Greatest fear

No one to relate?

Greatest fear

In flight?

Ego. Mind.

2 of a kind,

Part of human nature.

To do without,


Need a lobotomy,



Is about one self,

Learning, living with



Is less influence.

Not master of,

Nor servant to.


Constant fire,

Working with,

Harnessing potential,

To realize,

To open eyes

Nocturnal cries,

Living with lies,

Little self dies.

The toughest thing,

2 B


Good or bad?

Happy or sad?

Beautiful or ugly?

All judgments,


What IS?

Truth? Fact?

Mind has cracked,

No more illusion,


See through,


Energy of something new,

Ordinary, plain,

Completely sane.

Delusion, fantasy,

Totally insane.


Far out expectation.

Need, greed, bleed,

All in one.

Everything + nothing.

It’s hard, no big deal,

Just want to feel.

No more game,

Admit my shame,

Yes, I can be lame.

Oh well, it’s there,

In front of me.

Don’t turn my head,

Fake things said,

Hide under a bed.

Deal with it,

Live, learn and love it.

It’s not going anywhere,

Will always be,

A part of me.

To get to know oneself,

Thick and thin,

Once you begin,

Never stops.

Everyday experience,

Truth 2 B revealed,

About me.



you came into my life

turned it upside down

clown to frown,

frown to clown,

you gave me a reason to live,

a purpose,

a reason to give

i’m lost without you

silly as it seems,

when you’re near,

i’m whole,


feeling so neat,

universal heart beat

when you’re gone,

thoughts from dusk to dawn

poetic creations

emptiness does spawn.

two hearts

beat as one,

moon and sun.


Everywhere is Death

“Sorry to put a damper…”

The voice heard on the phone,

The news,

Rocked me to the bone.

For all its beauty,

For all its peace,

The world has to offer,

There is always decease.

A friend,

So much to give,

Fighting hard,

For another day to live.

It’s hard to see,

In physical death,

Any positive,

As someone takes

Their last breath.

Sure, the memories stay

In our hearts everyday,

But it’s the life we miss,

Energy of a gentle kiss.

It’s not a damper,

But an inspiration,

An eye-opener

That leads to this creation.

Take heart in the fact,

Everywhere is death,

Take each deep breath,

As if, a final act.


I Know Shit

Now for the nitty gritty,

Literally, it’ pretty shitty.

Ah yes, nothing like dog shit.

In the beginning

It always burned my ass

As I would cut the grass.

I spent so much time

Trying to understand,

Then finally,

It sunk in.

I couldn’t control the situation,

My questions were attempts to.

Once I let go,

The real reason

Started to flow.

In the yard,

A part of life,

Something that really stinks.

At first I disliked,

Now acceptance the norm

For this excretionary form.

Much of it is not picked up,

Left there, in our way.

I understand it’a part of life,

To clean it up, a minor sacrifice.

Shit happens,

As they say.

Must it get,

In another person’s way?

We walk right through

This awfully smelly poo,

Sometimes stuck under my shoe.

Anger, frustration no more,

Acceptance a personal score,

In my backyard,

I have some too,

Just as odorous,

As the rest of us.

I don’t turn my head,

Or plug my nose,

I grab a shovel

And off it goes.

Cleaning house,


Yours is not

My responsibility.

I walk through or around

Second thoughts

Given a moment or two.

Life goes on,

And the shit continues,

I face it,

Every dawn.


The Dying of the Light

I desire, I yearn,

An inferno,

Super nova,

A fire I care not

To extinguish,

How I burn.

I wish it would,

I want to touch

And feel again

But I can’t,


It must end.

But the flames reach higher,

The energy burns brighter,

It will come to something,

Resist, resist, resist,

The desire,

How it persists.


Tao and Zen

To define and label

Is to control.

An attempt,

To understand

And manipulate,

Good or bad.

Efforts to get a grip,

On a dynamic


One that cannot,

Because it IS.

So close,

Yet so far.


It changes shape,

Faster than a shooting star.

It moulds

To its environment,

It becomes one,

With the universe.

It feels its way

Through things.

In feeling,

It determines,

Shapes, textures, depth.

It is energy,

In its purest form.

An electron’s exact location,

Is never known,

Everywhere is it’s home.

You can sense or determine

Where it’s at,

But in the blink of an eye,

It’s gone.

It appears to me,

That to define and label

Is cause to make one feel able.

In walking away,

And letting it be,

One’s vision

Is clear to see.


The Sun

The passion from my soul,

Universal energy,

Can make things whole.

On and on it burns,

Higher and higher,

The flames are brighter.

More intense,

It consumes me

And reaches beyond.

For some it will burn,

Others it will nourish.

Replaced at night,

With a moon so white,

In the light of day,

Illuminates the way,

A path of rebirth,

Into a time

Of peace and love and happiness.


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